A Guide to North Carolina Countertop Fabrication Process

A new countertop can either be the finishing touch to a complete kitchen makeover or the only new change you need to update your space.

It will be the central point of your kitchen, so it is important that it is installed appropriately.

Countertop fabrication process is a profoundly specialized cycle that requires precision and particular strategies and devices. Subsequently, a specialist is expected to ensure that this cycle is finished correctly – in time!

Are you looking for the best countertop fabricators in North Carolina? The specialists at Stone Top Granite and Tile offer custom stone arrangements. We use top-quality stone products for both commercial and residential projects. We are with you at each step, from material selection and tones through fabrication and installation.

North Carolina countertop fabricators
North Carolina countertop fabricators

In this post, we talk about how the countertop fabrication process runs.

The Kitchen Countertop Fabrication Cycle

Here is a step by step guide on the kitchen countertop fabrication process.

Inspection of the Slab

The initial step is to inspect the selected slabs. For instance, a natural stone slab might have specific qualities like dark spots, pits, or dry creases. If the client can do without them, North Carolina countertop fabricators will stamp those areas and avoid them while cutting the stone.

Spreading Out the Slabs

After the slab is completely inspected, the next step is to spread out the slap depending on the room’s tones and lighting. Ensure that your kitchen format matches your slab’s regular ‘lowlights’ and ‘features’ to boost your countertop’s magnificence.

Cutting the Stone

The subsequent step is to slice the stone according to your template. This is done using bridge saws or water jets.

A bridge saw will need the help of a diamond blade at a feed speed of almost seven feet per minute. (Feed speed is the velocity at which the cutters are fed or advanced against the objects being cut.)

Water jets cut with water at a very high pressure; with the help of garnet particles suspended in the water. This cutting is done at a speed of one foot per minute. Water jets can cut in radiuses, circles, or any other complicated patterns; bridge saws can only cut straight lines.

After precise pieces are cut from the slab, they are transferred to a computer numerical control processor using a vacuum lifting machine. The pieces are then fabricated by the processor.

North Carolina countertop fabricators
North Carolina countertop fabricators

Stone Fabrication

The subsequent stage is to remove the stone at approximately 1/16 of one inch of the last size. After this is finished, the CNC machine is customized to confirm the size of the stone. You are allowed to keep the stone remnants. The machine is set to know where the stones need to be set and how precisely to treat these pieces. If you are using a well-established countertops company, the work should be finished impeccably.

Stone Polishing

When the fabricated stone gets to the fabricator, the next step is to polish the surfaces. The fabricator just has to polish the edges. Industry standard is to use stone polishing cushions with expanding coarseness from 50 to 3000 to polish these edges.

Sealing the Stone

Sealing the finished countertop prior to installing is crucial. For instance, a porous stone like granite is impervious to dampness, and ability to resist dampness is increased by applying a solitary layer of sealer.


The next stage is installation. When the countertop pieces are appropriately laid out, a sap will be applied to hold all the countertop pieces together. When this is finished, a special shade is added to match the shade of the countertop surfaces. The surface is then left to dry up.

Updating your North Carolina kitchen countertops is a major undertaking that improves the market value of your home. However, it is not a Do-It-Yourself kind of task. Thus, to get a smooth and fast countertop fabrication process, reach out to Stone Top Granite and Tile in North Carolina. Check out our website to see how our clients rate our services and products.

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