Before Buying Marble Countertops in Sanford, NC, Read Here

When it comes to selecting a marble countertops fabricator to work on your countertops, shower surrounds, backsplashes, stairways or walls, it can be hard to tell who is genuinely qualified from a sub-contractor who is just looking for quick pay.

Knowing where to start in the process of buying marble countertops in Sanford can also be a daunting task. To help you out, read here.

Buy marble countertops from a company that offers warranties for their services

Stains and scratches on your marble countertops can occur sooner than you anticipate. Inquire about the type of damages covered by the warranties offered and the period they cover them for. Also, ensure that these extra services will be carried out by a fabricator who will also oversee all the inspections and permits needed in good time.

buying marble countertops in Sanford
buying marble countertops in Sanford

Buy from a fabricator who has professional credentials

It is important to make sure that the marble countertops fabricator has all the certifications required to handle the supply and fabrication of countertops.

Stipulations stated by the law regarding all the professional countertop fabricators vary depending on the state. One of the characteristics of a trustworthy countertops fabricator is that they will always have liability and workers’ compensation insurance that is geared towards their line of duty. This is for the client’s protection should an accident occur while the fabricator is working around your residence.

Buy from a contractor whose machinery is in good condition to complete the job effectively

Equipment that is well cared for can prevent work-related injuries as well as produce excellent results, especially in regards to the accuracy and good finishing of the seams. You can ask to see some images from a few of the contractor’s completed projects to have an idea of their skill level.

Inquire the duration required for the job to be complete

Inquire if there will be any time constraints and expected obstacles that can prevent the job from being completed by the set date. Before buying marble countertops in Sanford, have an agreement in place with the fabricator on the steps to be taken in case the project takes longer than the stipulated duration.

The contractor should have during-and-Post-Job Clean Up Protocols

A qualified contractor will never leave an unwanted mess behind or cause unnecessary obstructions to their customer. Before they start to work on a site, all the furniture should be covered in a tarp to protect it from dust, glue, and paint. In case of a multiple-day project, the working tools should always be safely stored out of the way, and clean up done at the end of each working day. After successful completion of a project, dust, nails, countertop pieces and other debris should be cleaned and cleared by the crew.

Buy from a natural stone shop that is accredited

Only the accredited marble countertops fabricators will have been audited by third parties to ensure that their fabrication and customer service is high quality, that the manufacturing center is safe for their workers, they have a robust practice in business, and that they have a stable financial status.

buying marble countertops in Sanford
buying marble countertops in Sanford

Get the working plan of your contractor

Typically, in any healthy economy, a qualified marble countertops fabricator will be booked out for 6 – 8 weeks. You should therefore have their working plan to make sure that they will be handling your project only before heading out for other jobs.

Buy from an automated fabrication center

For safety, consistency, and accuracy, you would expect the fabrication center of a legit marble countertops fabricator to be highly automated. Every step of the fabrication process up to the finish will be performed by skilled craftsmen.

Looking for a Sanford Marble Countertop Fabricator who can handle both the fabrication and installation of your countertops? Buying marble countertops in Sanford from a full service company means that they will be entirely responsible for your whole project. Stone Top Granite & Tile fabricates and installs over 50,000 square feet of natural stone each year. Come to us if you want a hands on approach from the most experienced Marble & Granite Countertops Fabricator in North Carolina.

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