Preparing For a Summer Kitchen Remodel in North Carolina

When it comes to preparing for a summer kitchen remodel or just a simple upgrade, a new countertop plays a significant role in the project’s budget. Choosing the right kitchen countertops fabricator to help you in the planning phase is key for the guidance you need through the process, secondly, to help save you from headaches and save money in the long run. “Why save money in the long run if I could save right now by choosing the cheapest bid” – you may ask, and we’ll explain why.

preparing for a summer kitchen remodel
preparing for a summer kitchen remodel

The reality is that nowadays two guys that have a pick-up truck, a tool box and a minimum experience in countertop installations (without even including the fabrication), are putting a three page website together to make themselves look like an established business; while the truth is that they do not have a showroom nor a fabrication shop. They are using somebody else to fabricate your countertops or doing their own fabrication without the necessary tools or the machines to protect the environment.

Therefore, their quality control standards are set very low. When a problem arrives down the road like a broken seam or a falling sink that was installed incorrectly, guess what?! They’re no longer in business to assist you.

We have heard situations like that quite often from many frustrated homeowners who had thought that by hiring these kinds of contractors, they would save a couple hundred bucks on their countertops; but now, in the long run, they are paying even more because of the lack of information about preparing for a summer kitchen remodel.

What to look for in a countertops fabricator

Must have Custom options- When getting ready for a kitchen remodel, purchasing new countertops should be an exciting process, because it is supposed to offer you a limitless range of options that will meet your needs. A Kitchen countertops fabricator who offers custom countertop options, therefore, provides a far greater quality of product and service than those who attempt to shoehorn a one-size-fits-all product into your unique space.

Must offer a Full range of services- When you’re paying for new countertops, you likely expect the company you’re doing business with to be able to provide more than just the product? For example, you don’t want to have to call in a different team for installation. A truly worthwhile North Carolina Countertop Fabricator will provide custom designs, in-house fabrication, delivery and installation services, making for a smooth and easy experience.

The Business should be locally owned and operated- Big chain stores seem to offer a lot of benefits, not to mention the “name recognition” factor. But in truth, this probably doesn’t account for much. When you’re looking to hire a kitchen countertops fabricator, consider a local, family-owned and operated business. Local businesses have an incentive to keep prices competitive and provide excellent service, and supporting them also helps keep your local economy stronger than shopping at a big box store.

preparing for a summer kitchen remodel
preparing for a summer kitchen remodel

What is the role of a fabricator in helping you prepare for a remodel?

First, a kitchen countertops fabricator can help you choose the materials for your project, especially the countertops. Their practical job includes templating or measuring the dimensions of the installation to know exactly how much countertop slabs are needed. Once this is done, the type of stone, veins, shading, and color can be selected, based on the available stone supplies in their company.

Density and overall structural integrity is a crucial step in the stone selection process. Not only does the quality of stone vary widely, the section from where each stone slab is quarried from can influence its strength and durability. Unfortunately, it’s not cost-effective to test each individual stone slab, but a reputable Countertops Contractor in North Carolina should have some structural test information on every stone sample, so that you know exactly what to go for when preparing for a summer kitchen remodel.

Stone Top Granite & Tile is a great quality control coordinator who will help ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Talk to us today, and let us guide you through every step of your remodel.


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