The Process of Fabrication and Installation of Quartz Countertops in Sanford, NC

In recent days, quartz countertops in Sanford are being sought after because they have overtaken granite countertops as the most preferred stone countertops, and all for good reasons.

This engineered stone is one of the most preferred alternatives to natural stone because of its brawn, beauty, and brilliance. However, this is a man-made material that is not cut directly from the earth, unlike marble and granite. Instead, the material is made from the combination of different minerals other than natural quartz, such as pigments and polymer resins that increase its durability, low maintenance and bring out its vibrant colors.

The surface of engineered quartz depends on the grounding of the quartz material. If it is coarsely ground, the surface will have a freckled appearance. Similarly, finely ground quartz will have a smooth surface. 

quartz countertops in Sanford
quartz countertops in Sanford

Sanford countertops fabricators have come up with methods of creating colors that mimic natural stone, such as granite and marble. They have even started producing cement lookalikes, which is an excellent idea because normal cement is prone to chipping, stains, and etching.

However, have you ever wondered about the quartz fabrication process? What most people don’t realize is that before you get a final counter, there is an entire fabrication process involved. In this post, we are going to look at the quartz fabrication process.

The selection of color and thickness of a quartz slab

A quartz countertop fabricator will first help you to select the right color and thickness of quartz slab for your kitchen. The practical designing procedure involves the templating of the stone and measuring the installation area to determine the size of slab needed. After this step is completed, they get to select the type of quartz slab, shading, veining, and several color patterns for the customer to choose from among the available quartz slabs.

One of the factors to be considered during the selection of quartz slab is its density and structural integrity. Since this is an engineered stone, you would expect the quality of different slabs to vary. The quartz countertops fabricator solely determines the strength and durability of each slab.

Unfortunately, testing each quartz slab would be very expensive. A lot of reputable quartz countertops fabricators, however, have structural information about every slab in their showroom. Quartz countertops fabricator is therefore a quality controller that ensures every customer gets what they pay for.

Fabrication of quartz countertops

Every decision about the type of quartz countertops in Sanford you want should be made before the fabrication process starts. Luckily, with the help of a professional quartz countertops fabricator, most of these decisions should be pretty much straightforward.

The fabrication process basically involves inspecting the slab for certain flaws such as blemishes, the seams, fissures, and scratches. The slab will be laid out to give you a clear view of its veining and color. The stone will be then cut into 1/16 inch of its original thickness.  The next step will be edging and adding any other details on the stone before the final polishing.

Drain boards and support rods will then be installed in case the slab requires any of them. What follows is a multi-step procedure that involves the ever-increasing grit polish, used to smoothen out the surface of the countertop.

quartz countertops in Sanford
quartz countertops in Sanford

The counter to be installed is now ready, and the quartz countertops fabricator will ensure that your home is cleaned before the installation begins. The next step is to apply the sealer base coat. All of the above activities will take place on the installation site so that by the end of it all, your countertop will be ready for installation.

Looking for a quartz countertops fabricator in Sanford

The best idea would be to go for a local stone fabricator in your area or ask for a recommendation from friends. You can do a little background check to make sure that the quartz countertops fabricator of your choice is indeed qualified for the job.

Chances are you will get multiple matches for a Sanford countertops fabricator. Make sure to talk to as many home improvement contractors in your area before settling for a single one.

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