Want to buy a house in North Carolina? Look for one that needs new kitchen countertops to save money.

Although there are stories of new buyers buying rundown homes that end up swallowing up their savings, the truth is there are numerous benefits to buying a home on the brink of death, and bringing it back to life.

This will be a dream come true for first time homebuyers in North Carolina: a fixer-upper in such a good neighborhood that you can upgrade to your heart’s satisfaction. Even if you are a previous homeowner or maybe you flip houses for a living, you will appreciate the good bargains and creative opportunities available now with fixer-uppers.

new kitchen countertops
new kitchen countertops

Houses that need a bit of upgrades are much cheaper. They’ll offer you more savings than similar homes in North Carolina. If you manage to snag a rundown house that doesn’t need a total overhaul or leveling to the ground, you could save yourself good money.

Here are reasons why you should buy a house in North Carolina that needs new kitchen countertops

Fixer-Uppers are Profitable

Fixer-uppers can be very profitable if you are able to find a ripe opportunity. Individuals who flip real estate for a living know how to sniff out a profitable opportunity. However, even as a first time buyer, you can still score a good investment if you know what to look for.

The most profitable houses are those that need minor cosmetic repairs, such painting, kitchen and bath updates. Houses that need simple updates will sell for much lower prices than their modernized counterparts. These types of houses will help you build equity quickly and make your investment profitable.

You get the chance to design your dream home

Buying a fixer-upper in North Carolina is fun. Why? Because you will have the opportunity to design the house into anything you want. From the color of the countertops to the wall painting, you have the freedom to decide just about any design aspects.

This might seem minuscule, but updating the new home will be more profitable. When you make renovations, particularly to the bath or kitchen, you increase the value of the home. Essentially, you will be generating instant equity, something that can be quite profitable in the future.

new kitchen countertops
new kitchen countertops

Location opportunities

You’ve fallen in love with the North Carolina neighborhood. The only trouble is that there are very few homes being listed in the market. Or, there are homes for sale, but they are way out of your price range.

You will find homes that need new countertops at a much cheaper price, and this may be your chance to get into the neighborhood of your dreams. It might cost you some money to fix it up, but you’ll have the advantage of being in a great location. As you know, location is everything in real estate, so being in North Carolina will automatically add to the value of your new home.

You can get financing for the countertop updates

You’ve found a great fixer-upper in the North Carolina neighborhood. You can afford to buy the home, but you don’t have the cash for the updates. This is where the Stone Top Granite & tile financing comes in.

Our financing opportunities provide homeowners with the money they need to update their kitchen and bathroom countertops in North Carolina. You get the chance to make repairs in a timely manner without eating up all of your life savings.

With more buyers and fewer houses being sold, buy a house in North Carolina now and close the sales deal much faster.

If you are looking for a North Carolina countertops contractor who stocks all types of new countertops in North Carolina, reach out to Stone Top Granite & Tile today.

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